The best NetEnt slots

NetEnt is one of the best-known and most popular games manufacturers in the casino sector. Every gambling fan who plays in online casinos from time to time knows, knowingly or unknowingly, one or the other NetEnt slot. In this article we present the manufacturer and the best NetEnt slots. It is no coincidence that there are hardly any casinos left where NetEnt is not represented with an attractive selection of games.

About NetEnt

NetEnt is a Swedish games manufacturer that was founded in 1996. Until 2015, the company was officially called Net Entertainment, but the abbreviation NetEnt had already become established in the years before. When the company was founded in 1996, there was no market for online casino games. But NetEnt did a lot to change that. In the following two decades, NetEnt has set many milestones. Two innovative developments in particular are closely associated with NetEnt: the browser casino and the mobile casino. Both innovations would have taken place even without NetEnt, but the Swedish manufacturer contributed a lot to the fact that the browser casino became a real alternative to the then dominant download casinos very early on. In the case of mobile casinos, it was then a great advantage that NetEnt “only” had to adapt the existing technology for the mobile browsers.

In the meantime, NetEnt is listed on the Stockholm stock exchange. The company has over 1,000 employees who continuously take care of distributing the existing portfolio and developing new games. At NetEnt, the entire game development takes place in-house. This is an important difference to many smaller manufacturers who, for example, have the graphics development or other details developed by service providers. This is another reason why NetEnt has succeeded in developing its very own style of slot machines. Experienced gambling fans recognise NetEnt slots at first glance. NetEnt has licences from Malta, Alderney, Belgium, British Columbia, Gibraltar, New Jersey, Spain, Romania and the UK. The company is based in Stockholm (NetEnt AB, Vasagaten 16, SE-111 20 Stockholm), but also has branches in Malta, Gibraltar, Poland, Ukraine and the US.

Top 10 NetEnt Slots: These NetEnt slots everyone should know about

We test all slot machines that are newly launched on the market. We have been regularly dealing with NetEnt slots for years, as this manufacturer is very active and always develops new games. For slot fans, NetEnt has become a real institution not only because of the quality, but also because of the extensive portfolio. It is not easy to compile a top 10, as the games of this manufacturer have a very high quality overall. But at a high level, there are a few slots that stand out. If you want to get to know the NetEnt slots, we recommend you start with the following list:


Starburst is a simple slot machine that has no elaborate features, no spectacular animations and no special soundtrack. But Starburst has brilliant game mechanics and a very simple set of rules. This slot is high on the list for many slot players. This slot is also an absolute recommendation for beginners. Here you can find our detailed Starburst test.

Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo is a very funny looking adventurer who is always present as a game companion. We recommend that you watch the intro when you first start the game, because the programmers have put a lot of effort into creating a unique atmosphere in Gonzo’s Quest. Click here for the test report.

Blood Suckers

Blood Suckers not only has an exceptionally high payout rate (98.00 percent). The gaming fun is also exceptionally high. If you like vampires and appreciate a humorous scary effect, you should take a closer look at Blood Suckers. You can find the Blood Suckers review here.

Planet of the Apes

Planet of the Apes is a themed slot based on the movie of the same name. If you are a movie fan and appreciate a slot with some friendly and not so friendly apes, this slot is the right choice for you. If you want to read up more before playing, you can find our Planet of the Apes game review here.

Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses was the biggest band in the world in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Since the reunion, a whole new hype has broken out around this notorious music group. If you are a fan of Axl, Slash, Duff and Co, this slot is a must for you. Here you can find our test.

Warlords: Crystals of Power

Warlords: Crystals of Power is a slot machine for fantasy fans. In addition to all the visual highlights, there are three different scatter symbols and wild symbols, so there is a lot of action. Click here for the Warlords review.

Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune is a jackpot slot where one lucky player regularly becomes a million-dollar winner. With this slot machine you have the opportunity to become a millionaire yourself. By the way, this slot is also fun if you don’t win the jackpot. You can find our review of the Mega Fortune slot here.

Hall of Gods

Hall of Gods is the second big jackpot slot from NetEnt. Which jackpot is higher changes from time to time, as they are progressive jackpots that are cracked at some point and then start all over again. Hall of Gods is also fun if you don’t hit the jackpot. You can find the Hall of Gods review here.

Jack Hammer 2

Jack Hammer versus Dr. Wuten in the second edition. The comic slot is graphically very appealing, so that real comic fans will have a lot of fun. However, in our experience, the absurd stories of Jack Hammer are also interesting for slots fans who are not otherwise interested in comics. Click here for the Jack Hammer 2 review.

Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk is a very popular fairy tale from the Anglo-Saxon world. This themed slot is a good example of the numerous NetEnt slots where a well-known template has been transformed into an attractive and lucrative slot machine. For fairy tale fans, this slot is a real hit.

What makes NetEnt slot machines so special?

It is no coincidence that NetEnt slot machines are so popular and successful. Besides technical reasons, there are also aspects of content that play a role. Without any doubt, NetEnt has contributed a lot to the fact that online slots are of a much higher quality nowadays than they were ten years ago. We explain the most important reasons for NetEnt slots in detail:

Outstanding software and technology

NetEnt has developed outstanding software that has set and still sets standards in terms of speed and usability. When NetEnt celebrated its first successes, the market was still dominated by download casinos. The modern multi-software casino became a success relatively early, not least because the Swedish manufacturer managed to raise the quality of browser games to a very high level much earlier than the competition. In the meantime, all software developers in the slot machine sector have taken their cue from NetEnt’s slots.

The technical side should not be underestimated either, because NetEnt understood from the beginning that the games have to run on fast and reliable servers. Long waiting times or loading times are practically unknown to us with slot machines from this manufacturer. If something is actually wrong with a slot machine from NetEnt, in our experience it is usually the fault of the casino operator.

Pioneer in mobile optimisation

Meanwhile, slots on smartphones and tablets are common standard. But a few years ago, this was not the case. Many manufacturers tried to create elaborate apps in which only their own games were offered on mobile. That proved to be a dead end. The multi-software casino has also long been the standard on mobile. As a pioneer in mobile optimisation, NetEnt has played an important role in this. All NetEnt games have been offered for mobile platforms (iOS, Android and partly Windows Phone) for years. Due to the first-class availability, NetEnt has had a very good reputation among mobile players for years.

Many slots with special features

Despite all the euphoria about the technology, you should not overlook the quality of the slots’ content. Especially in comparison with the classic slot machines from Merkur, it becomes clear that NetEnt offers a lot more. Elaborate features with spectacular animations can be found in many slots from the Swedish company. Even though slot machines are always about the same principle at the core, it is very important for most slots fans how the winnings are achieved. For example, it is a lot of fun to play the creatively designed bonus rounds in Blood Suckers or also Gonzo’s Quest.

Simple yet sophisticated game mechanics

Slots all have very similar gameplay, but experienced slots players know that it’s the details that matter. NetEnt has placed a lot of emphasis on developing sophisticated game mechanics from the very beginning. This is especially evident in the somewhat more elaborate machines with numerous features. Nevertheless, the slots are always designed in such a way that even a gambling beginner can understand the essential rules within a very short time. Another very customer-friendly feature is that every NetEnt slot has an integrated paytable, which you can call up with a simple click between game rounds.

Excellent graphics and sound design

Especially in comparison with many old slot machines that have been transferred to the internet by the manufacturers without major changes, it is noticeable how elaborate NetEnt’s graphic design is for many slots. Even with simple games like Starburst, the graphic design clearly stands out from many similar machines at the competition. However, the effort of the graphics team is particularly visible in slot machines with elaborate features, for example Planet of the Apes. Many slots also have a very individual soundtrack. Particularly noteworthy in this respect are the themed slots, which are dedicated to specific bands. The Guns N’ Roses slot, for example, is particularly popular.

Elaborate intros and animations

Many online slot machines are basically replicas of the classic machines that are still found in almost every pub today. NetEnt was one of the first manufacturers to understand that the internet offers completely new possibilities. A good example of this is the extremely popular slot Gonzo’s Quest. Even if you don’t find this slot attractive for some reason, you should at least take a look at the elaborate intro once in your life. The funny animated character in the base game is also a real highlight.

Casinos with NetEnt Games

There are numerous casinos with NetEnt slots in their portfolio. But the quality of the casinos can vary greatly. We put a lot of effort into keeping you up to date with our experience reports on the reputable online casinos on the market. For this reason, it is very easy for us to recommend the best casinos to you at all times. Here you can find our current ranking of the best NetEnt casinos.

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