Review of Lucky Lucky Blackjack: the game of luck from Playtech

Backjack is so well known all over the world and especially among online casino users that there is probably no one who has not played it at least once. 

We will prepare you well with all the information you will need to make your future game successful and profitable. We’ll remind you of the basic rules of blackjack and give you the specifics for this slightly different version of what you already know, plus we’ll give you the basic strategy of the game and so you won’t be left in any doubt, we recommend a demo version where you can apply what you’ve read and try it out first hand. 

Apply the optimal strategy and beat the dealer

Although it is a game of chance, not everything in blackjack is a matter of luck – on the contrary, to a very considerable extent the outcome depends on the decisions you make. Over the years, effective strategies have been developed which provide advice on how to act depending on what you and the dealer have in your hand. In the table below we have compiled the best Lucky Lucky Blackjack strategies and knowing them will guarantee you an extra edge over the dealer. With the application of the optimal strategy the return to player percentage can be as high as 99.58%, however, with the Lucky Lucky Lucky side bet, its value drops to 96.05%.

Unfortunately, no strategy can guarantee you winnings in every game, the house still has an advantage over the players, especially because the dealer who represents the house does not have to make decisions and the players do, so in many cases they lose because they have not reacted in the best possible way. The logic is very simple, the more you play the better you get, so we suggest you visit Betsson Casino where their generous welcome package of up to $1,000 awaits you. Thanks to this bonus, you’ll get an additional balance with which to play more than 10 card games, many slots and some of the best roulette games on the market.

Play the free trial version

Now that you know the features of the game and have an idea of the strategies you can apply, we offer you a demo version where you will have play money to bet and practice until you feel ready to open an account if you don’t already have one and challenge the dealer in the game of 21.


Betting on Formula 1: which bookmaker?

Given the number of participants at the start of a race, betting on Formula 1 is a little more complicated than average. Here’s how to get out of it.

Betting On Formula 1: Things You Need To Know

Regulations have totally changed the face of racing: until 2016, the winner of a race could be determined from the car he drove. Some manufacturers dominated the discipline for a few years and then passed the baton. This is now less the case. In 2019, despite the domination of Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari still won races.

Bet refunded if a driver doesn’t cross the finish line: if you bet on a driver finishing in the top 3 and doesn’t finish the race, the site will refund you. In F1, a driver crosses the finish line… or abandons. It is very rare that he loses 10 places between the beginning and the end of the race.

Let the championship settle down before betting on Formula 1: beware of the odds at the beginning of the season. Pre-season free practice gives an indication of the forces at play, but is not reliable enough to establish a hierarchy. Given the number of participants on the starting grid, it is wiser to wait until you have information to place your bets. Wait for at least two or three races.

The weather conditions are important: rain has an influence on driving style and tyre strategy. The heat wave will have an impact on tyre degradation and pit stop strategy. Even if these parameters are diminished by the fact that all the cars have the same tyres, it is imperative to know which driver is most comfortable in the rain and in the sun.

Formula 1 Bets To Consider

Race winner: there was a time when this type of prediction was relatively simple to pass. But the changes in regulations have revived the suspense in the races… and have made betting on the winners less obvious. So it remains a kind of lottery.

Winning team: a little easier to predict than the winner of a race. In general, the team that dominates the championship will win the ¾ of the races. Wait until you have an idea of the dominant manufacturer and place your bets once the hierarchy is established.

Winner of the qualification and the race: a bet that requires taking risks, but whose odds are higher than 4.00. We do not advise you to try it. During the 2019 season, there were only 4 qualification/race doubles out of 18 Grand Prix.

Who will finish in the top 6: a way of betting on Formula 1 without taking too many risks. In general, the top 6 drivers have a rating of less than 1.30. This prognosis is interesting in that a driver with a good car is unlikely to finish beyond 6th place. If he gives up, you will be reimbursed. The only way to lose is if the driver goes completely through or suffers a penalty.


Value Bet: The effective method of betting

The valuebet is a bet on a possible outcome of a sports match whose probability has been underestimated by the bookmaker, who has consequently assigned a better rating. An interesting advantage if you know how to detect it.

Definition Of Valuebet

When a bookmaker estimates the odds of an event, he is in fact setting the probability of that event occurring. The conversion of odds into probability is done as follows:

  • 1/quote x 100 = % chance that the event will occur.

This is the job of the “Bookmaker”: to set the odds correctly and to avoid too great a variation in the odds. It is therefore a matter of increasing the odds as much as possible to attract the bettors, but also to ensure that the odds are not too high, so as not to pay too much money to the winners. It can happen that the bookmaker underestimates the chances of an event happening. 

Then there is Valuebet, the opportunity to bet on an event with higher odds than it should be. Of course, the fact that the Bookmaker has underestimated an event does not mean that the event is going to happen. The value of Valuebet, like all other sports betting techniques, is calculated in the long term.

Example Of Valuebet

Example: Over a certain period of time, let’s choose to take a series of bets at €10, each bet has a 50% probability, if the odds are right, it will then be 2.00. The average winnings expected at the end of this period are zero. The bets will compensate each other. Now, let’s imagine that the probability of these bets remains the same, but if the bookmaker makes a mistake and the odds are higher than 2.00, then we can expect at the end of the period to make a profit.

You now have a small idea of the usefulness of value bets in the long term. By betting on value bets you will not win all your bets but the average expected payout will be greater than if you select other bets.

How To Detect It

But all of this is useless if you can’t spot these valuebets. The first method consists in relying on one’s own estimation capacities, and comparing one’s estimation with that of the bookmaker. This method is the simplest, but also the most risky, since it relies on your personal knowledge and experience. You have to analyse all the parameters and find out your probability, and then compare it with the bookmaker’s. If yours is higher then you have found a value bet.

The second method, much more pragmatic, consists of using an odds comparator, by identifying the possible differences between an odds (the value bet) and the rest of the odds offered by other bookmakers.