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Online Casinos Are Becoming More and More Popular

Over the past few years, we have witnessed a significant increase in the number of registrations on various online casino sites. It is not difficult for people now to click on the first link in a search engine, find themselves on the CasinoChan Online Casino site, register, and start playing.

Today, the total value of the online gambling industry is estimated at about $ 60 billion, and this figure is growing day by day, and experts believe that by the end of 2023 this amount will reach 93 billion, which corresponds to an increase of more than 50% in just 3 years. In this article, we will list the reasons for this growing interest in online casinos.

The COVID-19 Global Pandemic: A Real Boom for Online Casinos

It is no secret that the Coronavirus pandemic has severely impacted the global economy. However, some sectors have taken advantage of it and turned it into a real advantage. The online casino industry happens to be one of them, but in its case, the growth occurred naturally. Indeed, the fear of contracting the virus caused a real panic and many players stopped going to real casinos.

Also, the containment that many states have imposed around the world has negatively impacted the psychology of the people. For this reason, we have seen several hilarious videos appear online of people who don’t know what to do for entertainment. Naturally, faced with such a situation, real casino lovers will have no choice but to sign up at an online casino in the hope of regaining a bit of the emotion they have lost and believe us, they will be served.

One of the advantages of online casinos, which is not something that you would pay much attention to at first glance, is the fact that they allow dozens or even hundreds of players to play at the same time. No need to wait for your turn, and you can immediately play your favorite casino games, whether they are table games or slot machines. Moreover, the quality of services at online casinos is second to none to that of physical casinos, and this is one more reason why there is massive migration to online gambling.

Technology Is Becoming More Accessible

When analyzing the growth of the number of players at different online casinos, we can see that the curve follows that of mobile device sales. In fact, nowadays, almost everyone owns a smartphone. This means that you can play your favorite casino game wherever you are and whenever you want, with the only requirement being an internet connection. Now you don’t have to travel to play, you can do it from home.

If you want to get a taste of the real casino gaming experience, nothing can beat online casinos. In fact, most games allow you to play against artificial intelligence or against real players, who can also be your friends in real life.

The Evolution of Security

The beginnings of online casinos were not exactly glorious. In fact, shortly after their appearance, there were already several TV shows on the air that denounced countless scams developed by pseudo online casinos. Although it is true that in most cases the scams were real, this bad publicity hurt the reputation of several legitimate casinos. So it took a long time for online gambling to finally become reliable enough to regain the trust of the general public.

Casino Games

Bitcoin Online Casinos in 2021: Trends and Prospects

Online gambling has always been extremely attractive to players, given the surge in popularity of cryptocurrency over the past few years, many bitcoin casinos have sprung up. In Bitcoin casinos, users get everything the same as in regular online casinos, but the main advantage is that a cryptocurrency casino protects users from malicious attacks, keeping all their data completely confidential and protected from third parties.

This trend towards increased security has led many casinos to make Bitcoin one of the main currencies, which makes it easy for people to deposit and withdraw funds.

A good example of such a player-friendly innovation is the PlayAmo casino. He has long been known for his consistent customer service and generous bonuses. So, since the advent of the possibility of using cryptocurrencies, additional opportunities have opened up for players to play fruitfully. Now everyone who has already joined the army of satisfied players using the PlayAmo Casino login can endlessly play games in the casino library, withdraw money in whatever currency they need, and also replenish their game wallet.

Agree, it’s cool, but how much benefit you get.

What to expect in 2021?

The growing popularity of mobile gaming

Players increasingly prefer smartphones/tablets rather than PCs, since their power and usability are constantly growing. Many electronic wallets for managing bitcoins speak in favor of this version and the reorientation of developers to mobile platforms. We are not ready to assert that players will start leaving PC / MAC, but the general vector of gambling has become clear.

Active penetration of virtual reality technologies into real life

Most of all they are in demand in the sector of traditional PC games/high-power consoles. However, it has been noticed that players who have “tasted” 3D are beginning to look closely at bitcoin online casinos that provide a similar format of presence. 

Will businesses accept new technologies? Given the high competitiveness and global trends, the answer to this question is likely to be positive.

Bitcoin online casino

In this case, we do not mean the very possibility of paying with BTC, but the complete transfer of the casino to cryptocurrency rails. If regulators do not actively discourage innovation, the business is likely to transform to a “Bitcoin only” formula instead of the current scheme. Fortunately, ordinary casino players will be glad to have the opportunity to “go into the shadows” (the anonymity of bitcoin is much higher than that of traditional money).

General growth in the popularity of esports

It is explained by the availability of powerful, inexpensive smartphones/tablets so that players can use casino services without significant financial investments in equipment. And this applies not only to bitcoin online casinos but also to traditional sports betting. All this will affect the gaming business most favorably.

Advantages of a bitcoin online casino 

  • Significant expansion of the audience. It is explained by the growing popularity of bitcoin, primarily in Asia (Singapore, Japan, Thailand).
  • Very high transaction speed. Bank transfers can take hours and days. The transfer of all monetary transactions to cryptocurrency rails removes that problem.
  • Complete anonymity. Bitcoin online casinos provide almost complete anonymity with a much higher level of player comfort.
  • Absolute casino security. It is impossible to hack, which is why bitcoin online casinos remain an island of comfort in the hectic world of modern gaming. 
  • Simplified registration. To register at a casino, a player only needs to keep a cryptocurrency wallet number. 
  • Maximum simplicity. In Bitcoin online casinos you can relax at the virtual card table anytime and anywhere. In the park, in line, on a long trip, at home.

Minimum rates. Bitcoin online casinos do not restrict the player, so the bet can be anything.