Betting on Formula 1: which bookmaker?

Given the number of participants at the start of a race, betting on Formula 1 is a little more complicated than average. Here’s how to get out of it.

Betting On Formula 1: Things You Need To Know

Regulations have totally changed the face of racing: until 2016, the winner of a race could be determined from the car he drove. Some manufacturers dominated the discipline for a few years and then passed the baton. This is now less the case. In 2019, despite the domination of Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari still won races.

Bet refunded if a driver doesn’t cross the finish line: if you bet on a driver finishing in the top 3 and doesn’t finish the race, the site will refund you. In F1, a driver crosses the finish line… or abandons. It is very rare that he loses 10 places between the beginning and the end of the race.

Let the championship settle down before betting on Formula 1: beware of the odds at the beginning of the season. Pre-season free practice gives an indication of the forces at play, but is not reliable enough to establish a hierarchy. Given the number of participants on the starting grid, it is wiser to wait until you have information to place your bets. Wait for at least two or three races.

The weather conditions are important: rain has an influence on driving style and tyre strategy. The heat wave will have an impact on tyre degradation and pit stop strategy. Even if these parameters are diminished by the fact that all the cars have the same tyres, it is imperative to know which driver is most comfortable in the rain and in the sun.

Formula 1 Bets To Consider

Race winner: there was a time when this type of prediction was relatively simple to pass. But the changes in regulations have revived the suspense in the races… and have made betting on the winners less obvious. So it remains a kind of lottery.

Winning team: a little easier to predict than the winner of a race. In general, the team that dominates the championship will win the ¾ of the races. Wait until you have an idea of the dominant manufacturer and place your bets once the hierarchy is established.

Winner of the qualification and the race: a bet that requires taking risks, but whose odds are higher than 4.00. We do not advise you to try it. During the 2019 season, there were only 4 qualification/race doubles out of 18 Grand Prix.

Who will finish in the top 6: a way of betting on Formula 1 without taking too many risks. In general, the top 6 drivers have a rating of less than 1.30. This prognosis is interesting in that a driver with a good car is unlikely to finish beyond 6th place. If he gives up, you will be reimbursed. The only way to lose is if the driver goes completely through or suffers a penalty.